An Ode to Textiles


An Ode to Textiles is a concept design proposal which aims to highlight the historic textile industry of Montreal’s Lachine Canal through the design of a public space intervention. Lighting up the form of the Lachine Canal invites people into this space at night. The wind sales are made up of a twisted, truss-like structure with stretched printed fabric. The twist allows the frames to spin in the wind, thus generating energy to power the lights on the poles and the ground while also bringing life to the images of the historic textile industry printed on the fabric. The materials in the space are Quebec slate for the paving, climbing rope for the benches, and aluminum for the metal poles and frames. The flora in the planters are pampas grass, which dies but does not go away in the winter, helping to keep the space lively in the winter while also referencing the reeds found along the canal.