Team: Mathilde Rohr and Michael MacLean

Exposed at:

Autre Bare De La Rue,Centre communauté De Val David, Val David, Quebec. 2017

Autre Bare De La Rue, POPOP Gallery, Montreal, Quebec. 2017

Mama was a collaboration between two artists, Michael MacLean and Mathilde Rohr, and artists from Maison Emmanuel (a community for those with special needs). The piece was inspired by the chicken-themed ceramic vases made by ceramics artists from Maison Emmanuel. The work in the exhibition strives to imagine a world where chickens are equal to humans. Mama creates the entrance to that world. A large series of silk-screened feathers fill a wall and the entrance, creating the form of two large wings with a head looking protectively over the space. The pattern on the feathers was generated by 3D scanning the ceramics themselves.