Resonant Downpour

Resonant Downpour is inspired by the sound of rain hitting a tin roof or a tent. This is something that I cherished as a child growing up in a rural area. The concept attempts to flip the sentiments we have about rain in urban spaces. It makes rain a positive element in our public space by harnessing the beautiful sound it creates through the use of metal.

The structure itself references both natural elements as well as an inverted umbrella, a nod to our inverted thinking when we approach the space. The idea is that we create an infrastructural element that has versatile enjoyment. It can be appreciated in any season, weather, and time of day. While Resonant Downpour is created with rain in mind, the different angles at which light bounces off of it and interacts with the environment make it an interesting object in the sun. Even in the winter when it gets covered in snow, the structure allows the snow to gather and remain untouched in spaces which are usually so populated that all the snow gets plowed away or turns to grey slush.