Space as a Cookbook

Team: Charlotte Bracho, Heidi De Paoli, Pascal Xavier Poirier and Michael MacLean

My Role: Space Design, Model building, printmaking, elements of graphic design

Space as a Cookbook was the result of a speculative design exploration in response to a challenge to create a cookbook targeted at students attending Concordia University. The problematic involved improving knowledge of nutrition as well as giving students recipes that encourage them to cook for themselves more often. Our design team opted to create a cookbook within space rather than in book form in order to address certain realities within student culture on campus: students spend more time at school than at home and access to kitchens on campus is lacking.

Space as a Cookbook was proposed for an atrium space which spanned three floors. The proposal used the walls, the floors, and the air above the space as its pages, allowing students to enter inside the book and engage with the space while acquiring knowledge and recipes. The project proposed to recentralize waste, integrate sinks with replaceable water tanks, incorporate grey water storage, and install stoves that allow the user to cook a meal on campus.