Subterranean Window

Concept presented to Detroit Future City. 2016

Detroit has a history of industry, underground trade routes, and river use. Subterranean Window attempts to expose the potential of the underground while expanding valuable access to the river. Why is it that we don’t like being underground? This speculative design uses analogical thinking to look at the public space adjacent to the Detroit River like an iceberg. Through this process of analogical thinking, I imagined an underground public space and amphitheater with a view directly into the river.

Imagine yourself sitting in a large, cavernous open space with the sound of water, chit chat—and on occasion, live music. You look around and see plant life growing on the walls and feel the sun on your face late into the fall because of the glass ceiling. You are below the water level, so when you look forward you see a wall of blue water rushing and the underside of boats floating by.